We take on professional searches for different industries and sectors.

A professionally managed placement can significantly contribute to the success of your business. Miscalculations in recruiting can cause extensive Problems and the negative effects accumulate with time. Possible long-term consequences are a high employee turnover, productivity and motivation losses, loss of revenue or customers.

Decisive HR-related costs are ultimately influenced by how accurately a staffing is performed. To minimize the potential risk we can help you with our special structured recruitment process. We work  primarily with key objectives in recruitment, in contrast to the classical method which focuses on the skills wish list principle. 

Special areas of placement

In addition to our general recruitment activities, we focus our business on the following areas:

Demography oriented recruitment

The description of the "50 plus" agers no longer applies to the current generation as appropriate. Todays 50- to 65-year-olds are mentally much younger than their parents' Generation. They are healthier, fitter, more active, more flexible and open to new ideas. Older employees bring along positive qualities such as high empirical knowledge, developed leadership ability, reliability, loyalty, strong work ethic and discipline.

Many companies have not yet or not sufficiently understood this important development. A demographic management with the aim of an intergenerational and productive cooperation has been rarely realized yet. Still the experience shows: A mixed age team is more successful than a homogenous team.

Instead of discussing the alleged shortage of skilled workers in the labor market, companies should rather work on strategic human resource development. Because this often misses the actual needs and neglects the existing human potential.

Demographic change is the real issue for the future of Human Resources. The employment rate of the 55-65 year olds in Austria is just 43.1% on average (Eurostat, 2013), this accounts now for social problems.


Promotion of green jobs and placement of academics


The desire for more sustainability and understanding one's own work is no longer just an issue for the younger generation. With advanced age and experience they shift their focus of attention to the meaningfulness of work as one of the core values ​​of life.

In particular, academic graduates are no longer willing to pursue activities that violate environmental and social interests of the society. Due to the demographic developments this is becoming a major driving force in the labor market.


Nevertheless, socially and ecologically oriented companies find it still difficult to attract talented employees.

At this point, we are strategically approaching people who are looking for a job that satisfies their ethical demands. And for companies whose work can solve the problems of society.