The goal of our holistic HR Consulting is to provide the right people with state of the art knowledge to help them accomplish their tasks as well as possible. We like to share our know-how and expertise with you so that you can achieve your goals faster and better.


Sensitization of Executives

Both the HRM and the responsible managers must be aware of the importance of holistic human resource management. If companies in these days want to be successful, chefs and managers must implement/internalize this one sentence into their cells "Only motivated employees keep a company healthy!"


In addition to the occupational health care, its important to take into account the demographic development of the workforce. The operational benefits of mixed age teams are often unused due to unilateral recruitment policies today.


Holistic Applicant Management

To find suitable employees, is not easy today. The demands on qualified people have changed fundamentally during the last years.

The personal expertise alone remains no longer the unique selection criterium, but more and more the interpersonal empathic skills get emphasized. Candidates often lack basics here, especially when it comes to social interaction with the customer or the team.

Therefore, the development of the self by means of individual preparation, is a central focus of the holistic application work. To be in its full force is a prerequisite in order to really succeed professionally and personally.

Corporate/Occupational Health Management

Healthy employees in healthy organizations. In order to keep the staff and consequently the whole company in a competitive state, we need to apply suitable tools for promoting physical and mental health. 

Corporate/occupational health management refers to the development of working conditions, operational structures and processes that foster a health-promoting behavior of the employees.


With a practiced occupational health management, you can ...

  • establish the theme "healthy workforce" in the company in the long term
  • make successful use of sustainable effects of the health promotion activities
  • improve personal responsibility and awareness for one's own health
  • increase employee motivation and job satisfaction
  • increase overall performance and productivity
  • achieve positive image effects for the company.